phone_less_cord (phone_less_cord) wrote in malefeminists,

As a female feminist...

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What struck me as particularly odious was when he explicitly stated that the deaths of these five people is "no great loss." But look, this is the Daily Mail - what do we expect? It's a thoroughly objectionable paper altogether, not just that article.
Apologies for taking so long to reply (and given the lack of posts in here, I for one certainly don't mind women posting).

As for the LittleJohn article, I can unfortunately say I am not the least bit surprised. It was like a textbook case of privilege meets victim-blaming. He also makes it quite clear what he thinks the real crime is, that is, which percieved "negative" outwieghs the other.

As to the murders themselves, they are horrible in the most absolute kind of way. I can't say much about them, as I haven't really kept up, but would refer you to the community Feminist, as they had several posts dealing with the murders (and I generally agreed with everything said there).

Thanks for posting.
I couldn't even continue reading after the “Mother Teresa, they weren’t.” comment. The DM isn't even what I would call a society friendly paper let alone pro -insert minority or organisation here-

The major difficulty I have with articles looking down upon women who work as prositutes is that half the men / women in those offices have probably been a trick to someone any way.

A woman can certianly work any profession she chooses, there is nothing wrong with prositution except that instead of being frowned upon it should be taxed and legalised properly, it would prevent half of the crimes from happening and cut down in the people that are brought into the country and forced to work in the industry against their will.

It's been long since seen as a "dirty" industry but it's not some of the most reputable establishments in history were known to have prostitutes.

It's a horrible article that demoralises those poor souls.