Cho (scratchrabbit) wrote in malefeminists,

Question of intelligent debate.

I'm in Grade 12, and working on my ISU for Philosophy.
My chosen book was the 'Sexual Personae' by Camille Paglia, a controversial feminist and culture critic.
As part of my project, I have to have several objections to Camille's ideas, the ones I am arguing for this essay. To get a basic idea of different objections I could have from different points of view, I decided I'd make it an open-forum thing to try and get my brain going. Any objections/statements used in my project will be credited.

Thesis/basic idea: "Feminists grossly oversimplify the problems between the sexes when they reduce it to a matter of social convention: readjust society, elimate sexual inequality ,purify sex roles and happiness and harmony will prevail.
Sexuality and the sexes are the intricate intersection of nature and culture, and can not be so easily changed by neutralizing gender-roles in todays society."

I'm not trying to pick any fights with this statement, I simply want to see the opinions and objections to this from others.
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