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Help save Bitch Magazine!


BITCH Magazine!

Please donate to "Bitch" magazine! They need 40 grand by October.

We've already lost so many magazines- ROCKRGRL, LiP. Kitchen Sink, Stay Free, and a host of other independent mags that at one time seemed to be flourishing! And I am sad about the loss of every one of them.

After they disappeared, I learned of their losses...not via my local magazine shop/bookstore owner, but via an article in "Bitch" magazine!

"Bitch" has offered the ultimate in feminism: USEFUL articles by/for/about girls and women and LGBT, and yes, even the men that love them such as the supporters of this community. From its letters to the editor, to the last page, dubbed "Annals" (usually concerning retro examples of pop culture, which is always fun), "Bitch" is responsible for some of the most important, tenacious, humorous, and insightful culture commentary magazine articles in history. Everyone from bloggers to bell hooks have had their works published in "Bitch" for over ten years. Everything from women of color in the tech sector to women who are into sci-fi conventions have been covered, plus articles that focus on racism, music by women, and mommyhood are covered on a consistent basis. Within the first year I read it, there were spreads on the green movement, voter fraud against women, female comedians, and how the threat of terrorism is biased against women. Articles about women in politics to women in the comic book industry to women in Palestine.

All without those annoying full-page ads for stuff that makes a woman feel like she isn't enough without said product being advertised to her. All donations to "Bitch" are tax deductible, and it is a non-profit organization! This means that besides no big, ugly ads that waste space, paper, and clutter the mind, that Bitch doesn't have any money. For much more information, see this post. Bitch and those other magazines mentioned aren't in trouble because interest has waned, they are in trouble because our economy makes it hard to support arts and education and society isn't persuaded to kill reliance on gasoline, so the cost of shipping anything has skyrocketed.

As we feminists know, Bitch is the type of publication we cannot afford to lose. I save my issues for my potential future children. They are especially precious to me in today's political and social climate. I am constantly referring back to them.

Countless authors, musicians, movies, artists, news, and bits of political information that fly under the radar but are so necessary to know about if you're a woman or (know any women) have been offered up on the pages of "Bitch". Babeland, Lunapads, Essence, Etsy, BuyOlympia, and $pread have all been but a few of the must-haves in my life that were introduced to me via  "Bitch" magazine.  Please donate whatever you can afford.

Subscriptions help, but right now what they need is cash cash cash.

If Bitch moves to the web, poorer people without time to go to the library, or those without internet access, or those without a paypal account or credit card will be affected, not to mention those of us who just prefer the quaint charm of paper when we read our favorite publications.

Thank you for reading this post.

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