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Forbidden Eve

Women's magazines...

I could expound for a long time on how much I hate them, but I found this in a past post on one of My other blogs:

"it never ceases to amaze me at how people judge based on this intrinsic belief that we all exist for each other's approval. and dont even get me started on women's magazines. ive never read such utter distructive crap in my life. honestly. way to go in supporting womankind. every article is written in a way that sements the social opinion of a stereotypical woman. we dont all live to be thin and adored. we dont all fall apart cos some guy who cant appreciate a woman leaves us. we are not all self hating, desperate damsels in distress so stop feeding us this crap as if we are!

i hav more than half a mind to start a magazine that ends the distructive and totally WRONG opinion of women. and its women doing it to each other! where is the magazine for chicks who know better?"

I recently saw a post on a LJ Feminist community of UK girls asking if there was a good UK feminist magazine.

Now let me just say one thing.  I consider myself a NEO-FEMINIST.  And I call it this because I am PRO-WOMEN and NOT anti-men like the majority of people think Feminism is about. Also, the more I delve into Feminism, the more I realise a lot of it is about political issues and thats totally cool cos a lot of politics need changing to include women and not relegate them to "just women so they dont matter as much".

But thats a whole other ball game.

Feminism to me is about liberating the minds of Women so they start realising what they are about and whats the biggest educator of Women in the world?  Magazines.  And every single magazine is utter SHITE!  101 ways to please your man in bed.  23 creams to apply so you look better in order to attract a man.  Shoes and lingerie that will truss you up to please men.  Its like these magazines are written by men.  But they are not.  And what does THAT say about Women of today?  We are all STILL living in this patriarchal idea of what Women should be - as servants to men.  And yet, there are so many men who get off on strong, independent, enlightened, liberated Women.  Men WANT Women to be the strong creatures that we are.  Men WANT us to do our own thing.  The biggest attractor for men is NOT the size of your breasts, the colour of your eyes or the length of your legs, its CONFIDENCE and confidence cannot live in a place where there is only self-doubt which is shoved down our throats in every face cream, lingerie and sexual prowess article in our magazines.

More than once I have fantasised about starting a magazine for chicks who dont relate to what we are being fed.  And I DONT want it to be a "Feminist" magazine as such.  I just want it to be PRO WOMEN, supportive, a magazine that shows you that you are just fucking perfect as you are, that you dont need a million creams and a knack at deep throating to be a successful human being.
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